Saturday, November 25, 2006

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Friday, November 24, 2006

World Wide Blindness

From The time I first became totally sold out to follow Jesus, and became Spirit filled, I knew in my spirit that there was several things seriously wrong in christianity; But I had dificulty nailing it to the level of seeing it enough to address them at face value.
After about 25 years of being this way before God, I now am becoming matured in my conceptual realization of those errors.
One has to do with the Second Command of Gods Ten from the beginning.
In this erra of the new covenant, some aspects of the ten commandments are changed, from the time Jesus became our high priest, but those things which are not changed are clearly addressed to be in continuance in the new covenant scriptures.
Command number two tells us not to make by carving, molding, any structure in the likeness or image of anything God made. Go into just about any christian home or christian book store and what do you see?Walls and shelves covered with things God made; angels, imitation plants, the images of humans, be it Christ our Lord, or some saint.
It is the most common thing to hear people try to make excuse saying they do not worship those things. Nevertheless; God commanded us not to make them and not to even have them hidden in private secret places.
Most of the destuction by Gods wrath upon his chosen people in the old covenant came by their failure to the second command.
These days God is raising up a call to repentance. Place no value on any object that you have or is given to you that breaks Gods second command, for the second command is there to enforce your ability to be faithful in the first and most important command.
We are to have no other gods before him; We are to love God with all the thoughts, all the emotion and will, with all our being, with as much strength we can love him in; as he said; All the mind, heart, soul, and strength.
Christians try to be so spiritual and evaluate how certain things we do or look at or hear could be idols in our life, and turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the practical obedience of Gods Holy number 2 Command.
This truth will be quite an offense to many who have not fully counted the cost; It will seem to them like an overly zealous unbalanced fanatical thing.
From the Vatican City Saint Peters Square to the protestant tv shows, ignorance to this fact is rampant.
Go to the website link in this blog to read the whole story of errors and truth.
We are not saved by our adherence to the ability to obey perfectly, we are saved because Jesus shed all his blood, raised and sent down the Same Spirit He had to come live in us. Because He did it all, should that cause you to shudder at this intense reality I present? Or, does the Spirit of Truth who lives in you say a big AMEN, and say, I'm sorry for allowing the world to cloud my paths closeness with God, and repent.You have no idea how many valuable items I have even had to remove off the very house itself I live in, because this truth became evident to me. All sorts of things from fake turkeys to christmas trees to jewlry to my christian biker emblems, just to name a few had to go.No correction seems joyous at first but latter reaps the peacable fruit of righteousness.Oh what a world of iniquity, Lord deliver us from idolatry.