Saturday, November 25, 2006

Bullfrogs Blog

Welcome to Bullfrogs Blog.

This place is here for the spreading of the real unembelished truth of genuine Christian faith.

This blog is also an outreach of a God ordained Home Church which has the gifts and callings of God and His anointings.

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No matter how many degrees you have, or what level in Christ you are; You need to hear the words in the link above to The Church Of No Condemnation

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Bullfrog said...

How I got the name "Bullfrog".
I was involved with an outlaw motorcycle gang for years prior to becoming fully sold out dedicated to follow Jesus. I was badly backsliden for 10 years up to the time when I was preparing to prospect for this club, when I got turned around by God.
"Hatchetman" was my club name before Christ; Then I tried dressing it up by going by "purge hatchet", but God had better and more meaningful plans.
While on a mission with some fellow Christian bikers to the mountains in West Virginia, obviously after getting right with God, I was having serious troublesome pain the way I had to hold my right foot onto the spoon edge of the footpeg. Being already halfway there, the only thing I could do was cry out to God from my heart for help.
Then I heard God speak to me; He said "Put your foot like this Bullfrog" and sorta dropped the details of how to do it in my spirit.
I tried it and it worked.
Then great joy entered my soul because it dawned on me that I just heard from God. In my natural mind I still couldnt figure out what was going on down there at the footpeg. That area was obscure from view by the fat tanks and S&S carb. I only knew in my spirit how to do what He said; I knew good and well it was God and not any thing of myself.
Later I learned that "bullfrog" has deep meaning.
In Romans 12:2 it refers to being "transformed" that word is what happens to a tadpole when it morphs into a frog; It's a totally dirrerent kind of creature.
If anyone is in Christ they are a new creature. The main thing that makes the difference is a new creature, being born of God by His Spirit because Jesus paid the cost by his death and resurrection, and you say by Gods Spirit that was real and bowed your heart to his Lordship over your life(nutshell gospel)